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The Domestic Violence Intervention and Education blog is authored by Christopher Hall. Mr. Hall is a social worker who has worked in the domestic and sexual violence intervention field since 1997. He has worked at Emerge (first batterer intervention program), West Virginia Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and has conducted trainings for fourteen states. He currently consults with agencies, groups, and individuals to provide training, clinical supervision, administrative feedback, as well as general discussion on topics related to domestic violence. He is currently based out of Winston Salem, North Carolina.

Recent topics of trainings conducted include:
  • Motivational Interviewing within domestic violence work;
  • Humanizing oppression theory in BIP/DVIP;
  • Culture, religion, and spirituality in BIP/DVIP;
  • Predominant Aggressor Screening for advocates, counselors, and interventionists;
  • Use of Social Media in domestic and sexual violence intervention work;
  • Group facilitator styles and general learning styles. 
Mr. Hall has presented for several groups, institutions, and agencies including:
  •  Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence;
  • American Men's Studies Association;
  • National Coalition Against Domestic Violence;
  • Jewish Women's International;
  • Texas Council on Family Violence;
  • Mecklenburg County, North Carolina;
  • Battering Intervention Services Coalition of Michigan.
To inquire about scheduling Mr. Hall for consulting services, to present for a conference, training, or event, or for general questions, feedback, or interviews please email DVInterventionEducation@gmail.com

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I welcome comments on the post on this site. Attacks toward the writer, other commenters, or oppressive language will not be tolerated. This blog acknowledges that most domestic violence is male toward female, but that LGBT+ domestic violence is very real, and that female to male violence is a different context than other forms of domestic violence (and as such needs to be discussed much differently).